Saturday, April 18, 2009

Teaming up with other WAHMs

I am teaming up with Ashley from Crunchy Clean Diaper Detergent and Cassondra from Booty Cubes Wipe Solution. For the stocking on April 22nd,I will be giving away a free sample of Crunchy Clean Diaper Diaper detergent in the following scents: Unscented, Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, & BabyBee. After everyone has a delicious experience using Crunchy Clean and relishing in their stink-free clean diapers, I will be stocking Crunchy Clean continuously through my store. Both ladies have such great scents to choose from that you'll go crazy trying to stick to just one!

Busy working on the newborn diapers today. Have about 5-7 finished. Just need to add the snaps. Then going to go back to working on the mediums. Larges soon to follow! I am almost ready, are you??!

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