Thursday, April 30, 2009

Preview of Next FFS Lottery! 5/6/09

Now Big Brother or Big Sister doesn't have to be left out while little one gets to run around in cute cloth. Check out this adorable t-shirt and matching undies!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Organic Bamboo Velour.. coming our way!

I just ordered about 15 yards of Bamboo Velour - yes, you heard me.. bamboo. *Swoon* May 6th we have one LAST stocking of suedecloth then we are transitioning to ALL bamboo velour (with some cotton velour here and there).

May 6th - Stocking @ midnight .. includes special one of a kind diaper auction and a 3T Trainer & matching t-shirt FFS Lottery!

May 13th - (Starting to stock every week, hopefully) will include around 25 organic bamboo velour diapers!

Am falling into the groove of things but all customs SHOULD be done by May 13th! (Then customs will be finished weekly from here on out!) YAY!

Monday, April 20, 2009

My computer is SICK! :(

Yesterday I decided to do a virus scan with my AntiVir. Low and behold I had some sort of trojan on it. It wasn't serious enough but I knew something was up when my computer started acting funny. (#1 sign of viruses or spyware, btw.. slow computers/freezing up). Anyhow.. I deleted something on accident. Now when I go to log in to my computer, it says "Logging in" then "Logging off". Bah! I cannot get on. So now I am subject to using my wonderful husbands computer fixing software and am basically in safe mode until it is fixed.

I am adding a bunch of diapers today, if I can step away from my sick computer. I added my "Twilight" diaper yesterday. Hopefully some fans will love it. I am really ISO old 80s cartoon fabrics - like Jem and the Holograms. I would *love* to do a whole diaper stash dedicated to 80s cartoons.

I should be appearing on the website MommyGoggles today, so keep a look out for my review. I am super excited that I got to share my product with Tanya's sweet Kambry and hopefully, introduce the concept to a few of her followers!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Teaming up with other WAHMs

I am teaming up with Ashley from Crunchy Clean Diaper Detergent and Cassondra from Booty Cubes Wipe Solution. For the stocking on April 22nd,I will be giving away a free sample of Crunchy Clean Diaper Diaper detergent in the following scents: Unscented, Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, & BabyBee. After everyone has a delicious experience using Crunchy Clean and relishing in their stink-free clean diapers, I will be stocking Crunchy Clean continuously through my store. Both ladies have such great scents to choose from that you'll go crazy trying to stick to just one!

Busy working on the newborn diapers today. Have about 5-7 finished. Just need to add the snaps. Then going to go back to working on the mediums. Larges soon to follow! I am almost ready, are you??!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Blogger Layout :)

New blogger layout, thanks to Sami from Chubby Cheeks Graphix! Well worth the donation! Looks very "Me" - er, Cloth Couture (yeah...).

I went to the post office today and dropped off about six packages (customs and winning lotteries and what not). I have to put the rest of the customs on hold because I need to stock like CRAZY. So the next few days are dedicated to STOCKING, STOCKING, STOCKING!

.. and I am also hiring some help. YAY! I am currently interviewing people so this should be interesting!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The ever exciting "First Post".

I am excited about beginning my blogger/WAHM journey. I am going to utilize this blog to update customers on the who/what/when/where of all that is "Cloth Couture". I will also use this to update customers on customs. I will list the status of orders with the order # and all that fun jazzy stuff.

For example:
  • Order # 1045 (2 AIO Ooga & Later Gator/Medium) Finishing Production. Expected shipment date 4/14-4/15.
  • Order # 1035 (1 custom fitted Strawberry Shortcake/Large) Finishing Production. Expected shipment date 4/14-4/15.
  • Order #1034 (1 custom fitted Ooga/Large) Finishing Production. Expected shipment date 4/14-4/15.
  • Order #1027 (1 custom fitted Ooga/Small) In production. Expected shipment 4-15/4-16.
  • Order 1039 (2 Custom AIO/Lt. Blue Ooga & Sushi) In production. Expected shipment date 4-15/4-16.
  • Order 1036 (2 custom fitteds Vintage Bomber & Sweet Tunes/Large). Pre-Production. Expected shipment date 4-16/4-17.
Finishing production should be right on schedule.. but there may be some delay with anything "In production" or "Pre-Production" though should be sent off within a few days after expected shipment date. (I hope that makes sense?)

I am currently working on stocking for the 22nd and feel that I am not going to get anything NEARLY as done as I am hoping. Already I am feeling the pressure! (Eek!) have 9 days though - which is good. I am just worried my suedecloth will not arrive in time! Then I will have to resort to using velour instead. (Which I guess can be a good thing...) But still.. I need my suedecloth!
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