Monday, April 20, 2009

My computer is SICK! :(

Yesterday I decided to do a virus scan with my AntiVir. Low and behold I had some sort of trojan on it. It wasn't serious enough but I knew something was up when my computer started acting funny. (#1 sign of viruses or spyware, btw.. slow computers/freezing up). Anyhow.. I deleted something on accident. Now when I go to log in to my computer, it says "Logging in" then "Logging off". Bah! I cannot get on. So now I am subject to using my wonderful husbands computer fixing software and am basically in safe mode until it is fixed.

I am adding a bunch of diapers today, if I can step away from my sick computer. I added my "Twilight" diaper yesterday. Hopefully some fans will love it. I am really ISO old 80s cartoon fabrics - like Jem and the Holograms. I would *love* to do a whole diaper stash dedicated to 80s cartoons.

I should be appearing on the website MommyGoggles today, so keep a look out for my review. I am super excited that I got to share my product with Tanya's sweet Kambry and hopefully, introduce the concept to a few of her followers!


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